breakthrough program-a most unique experience

Breakthrough Therapy takes you back to the basics and asks that you completely “earth” with the issue that is crippling you or holding you back from becoming the person who are meant to be.

Breakthrough Therapy breaks through the fear factor in ways not seen before and strips back all the scary stuff – it’s confronting, liberating, and gets long lasting results. Based on the unique techniques and teachings taught by Drs Tad and Adriana James, Barefoot Therapy is simply the most life changing thing you could do for yourself!

It is an 8 hour breakthrough method that is held in 2 x 4 hour blocks over 2 consecutive days. It can be done face to face, online, or on the phone – the choice is yours. It’s all about the process, not the content - in other words, we teach you how to smash the patterns and behaviours that are blocking your growth and potential.

We merely ask that you make a 100% investment of your energy and attention, together with complete compliance to instructions which will ensure successful facilitation of the program. In other words we ask that you to go “barefoot” and really “earth” the problem – let us help you let go of all those fears, negative emotions, limiting decisions, inappropriate behaviours, and other stuff that is renting space in your head and mind right now.

For more information contact Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Coach and Trainer, Michele Nash – your confidentiality is assured.


Hypnosis is an alternative or complementary health care and your Hypnotherapist is a legal Complementary Healthcare Provider and not a licensed Medical Doctor. The self-regulated holistic treatments and client-centred disciplines in which your hypnotherapist is trained and in which she has experience include, consulting and coaching, hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as the unique process of Time Line Therapy ®.