fear of flying-overcome my fear of flying

So the plane's still on the ground, you're in your seat going to some exotic destination and you're “white knuckling” and feeling sick in the pit of your stomach and you're still stationery. Perhaps you're in the air and suddenly the plane lurches and that old familiar fear returns with a vengeance. Sound like you? Great way to travel – NOT!

Imagine this - the plane begins to move along the runway - gaining speed until it lifts up in the air, you are leant back in your seat with your book open on your lap. And you begin to read the book, becoming quickly absorbed in its contents, and still feeling incredibly good inside.

When you look out of the window you're way above the clouds and the plane glides smoothly through the sky and it feels amazing up here, above the earth, good feelings inside you - incredible feelings, calm and tranquil feelings.

Cool huh – and you can have all that and more!

Eliminate the fear of flying with NLP Trainer, NLP Master Coach, and Master Hypnotherapist Michele Nash as your guide to smoother skies and peaceful landings.


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