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    No More Scary Stuff is a unique coaching company that addresses any crippling fears that are holding you back in your professional or personal life.
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      No More Scary stuff can help regardless of what’s holding you back and blocking you from reaching your full potential
    • breakthrough program
      Barefoot Therapy breaks through the fear factor in ways not seen before and strips back all the scary stuff – it’s confronting, liberating, and long lasting.
    • needle phobia
      Hypnosis helps to create strong mental expectancy and reduce stress, thereby normalising the actions of the autonomic nervous system 
    • keep the weight off
      Hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to be effective in creating permanent change in the area of weight loss. 
    • stress reduction
      Working with Master Hypnotherapist Michele Nash, will see you go from stress to calm after your first session together.
    • fear of flying
      Eliminate the fear of flying with Master Hypnotherapist Michele Nash as your guide to smoother skies and peaceful landings.
    • get my act together
      Hypnosis can be the most important tool to change the way your mind experiences your view of the world by altering your current belief of reality
    • scared of the dentist
      Hypnosis can help you more calmly cope with standard dental procedures
    • say "No"
      During hypnosis, it is as if the brain temporarily suspends its efforts to validate incoming sensory information, allowing new behaviours and thoughts to occur.
    • build self confidence
      When you are right within yourself and focusing on what you want, the world responds in kind.
    • public speaking
      Hypnosis works with your unconscious mind to accept suggestions for calmness and relaxation, discover the root cause of your problem and to untangle you from it
    • be more decisive
      Let Time Line Therapy® Trainer and Master Hypnotherapist Michele Nash uncover the root cause of your problem.
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